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Art and Reason in Atlas Shrugged - Literature Essay Samples

As Dagny enters Richard Halley’s valley cottage in the cool calm of the night, she is enveloped with music that hits her as a â€Å"symbol of moral pride† (717) This pride is not built on what the heart feels is valuable, but on what the mind knows to be of value. Richard Halley is a music composer, he is an artist, and yet he understands that â€Å"all work is creative work if done by a thinking man†(933).   He approaches his art with the same moral productiveness as a businessman.The act of playing his music and of Dagny experiencing it is â€Å"mutual trade for mutual profit† (717). Halley however explains to Dagny that when he plays for general audiences in the outside world, there is no reciprocal trade for his music: â€Å"I do not care to be admired causelessly, emotionally, intuitively, instinctively or blindly.†(717) Halley’s work has typically been judged by unthinking men, who themselves know and produce very little and yet, Hall ey bemoans, it’s these very people who evaluate a man of the mind. The reason Halley had to leave the outside world and take his work with him is in essence why every member of John’s Gulch comes to live inside the valley.For Halley, his art is a testament of his â€Å"capacity to see,† and his relentless â€Å"devotion to the pursuit of truth.†(718) Spontaneous invocations, platitudes and daydreaming cannot exist for the truth seeking artist, only through the laborious and â€Å"unrelenting strain upon one’s power of clarity† can the businessman and artist reach the summit of their mind potential.Halley pursues his creations to their logical and brilliant end, but â€Å"the nature of the looter†(682) is to deny this process the process of mental evolution, of identifying that which is real, sticking with it and nurturing the idea into thought. Dagny wonders why Halley doesn’t share his music genius with the world anymore but Halley explains clearly that the ordinary public believed they owned his talent and these â€Å"worshippers of zero†(937) could not fully grasp the totality of his work.   Only when they were ready to embrace his work, were Halley’s efforts deemed successful. In effect, he had been giving his mind, and the mastered product of his mind, away for free, to people who had neither the rigour to comprehend it, nor the capability to exchange anything of substantial value.Those without an understanding of genuine value cannot bestow their own ideas of worth on a creation, so the only thing they can do is to destroy it and debase it in accordance with their own decrepit soul. Galt proposes the notion to Halley that his â€Å"work is the purpose of [his] life†(934), in so much as what he does is an external exhalation of who he is: work is the branch, body the vessel of the life force and both are rooted in the capacity of the mind to seek the light of its own maturity and growth. Everyone who discovers the valley approaches their work and life with the same â€Å"mathematical precision† (719) their ability relies on the logical calculation of their mind and their body is the reinforced effect of their mind. They are truly powerful in their efforts because of their unrelenting desire to seek that which is rational, to be â€Å"the man not only of self-made wealth, but†¦of self-made soul.†(934)It is because of Halley’s â€Å"intransigent devotion to the pursuit of truth†(718) he explains to Dagny, that he walked away from the â€Å"life haters† and refused to allow their destruction of his highest moral code.His thirst for knowledge and hunger for the truth, his desire to facilitate the expansion of his whole-self as a shining example of human achievement is how he hopes to build â€Å"his world in his own image† (725).   It is in this mental acceptance of the true nature of the looters that Galt fi nds him. Each character who lives in Galt’s Gulch had to uncover for themselves what they always knew inside: â€Å"Sacrifice could be proper only for those who have nothing to sacrifice† (942) Halley, like the others refused to sacrifice himself for looters who stood for nothing.   Not being able to sustain their own irrational existence, they leached off the production of â€Å"men of ability†.There is no â€Å"loophole in the law of causality†(935) Whether your work is painting, architecture, engineering or running a company, the magnitude of your thinking and the extent of your mind’s dimensions dictate your efficiency in any endeavour: â€Å"ability is quality and capacity is quantitive.† If you value that which is anti life, then you are paralyzed in rotted decay of weakness. Why are Halley and the others finally happy when they join John in the valley? It is because now they are truly free to have their work â€Å"without penalty o r guilt†(935).Halley tells Dagny that he created the â€Å"Concerto Deliverance† for John. Galt helped him define what none of them had previously managed to: the creed that was inside them all. Galt helped them to uncover the truth – something that he had fought himself to earn. Thus Halley’s â€Å"Concerto Deliverance†(683) is finally the trade for trade value he has been looking for.Ayn Rand is able to brilliantly portray man’s motivation to leave the world of the creative dead. In the end, Dagny also joins them in the valley because she too realises that â€Å"the moral symbol of respect for human beings, is the trader†(935).Works Cited Rand,   Ayn.   Atlas Shrugged:   50th Anniversary   Edition.   New York. 1996. Print

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Walt Whitman and His Strange Obsession With God Essay

Myberson Saint-Pierre American Literature 1865-1914 English 3040 Prof. Rosa Soto November 27, 2012 Walt Whitman and His Strange Obsession With God Walt Whitman was an egotistical, self-absorbed, wild heretic. â€Å"I celebrate myself, and sing myself† (Songs of Myself 1). Multiple times in his books and essays he claims to be better than the masses. â€Å"I am as bad as the worst, but, thank God, I am as good as the best† (Preface to a Leaves of Grass). Henceforth I ask not good fortune. I myself am good fortune (Songs of the Open Road). Walt Whitman is often thought of as an atheist, but I’m not buying it. In my opinion Whitman deep down believed that there was a God, and not only did he believe that there was a God, he believed himself†¦show more content†¦Ã¢â‚¬Å"†¦ He can make every word he speaks draw blood (Preface to a Leaves of Grass 6)†. Whitman attempts to put God on the same level as he. In his writing he devalues everything that God and Christians have deemed as valuable. And I have said that the soul is not more than the body, And I have said that the body is not more than the soul, And nothing, not God, is greater to one than one’s self is . . .And I say to humankind, Be not curious about God, For I who am curious about each am not curious about God . . . I hear and behold God in every object, yet understand God not in the least, Nor do I understand who there can be more wonderful than myself . . . Why should I wish to see God better than this day (Song of Myself 48)? What is Whitman saying here exactly? In the Christian world the soul is what goes to on live forever once the body is deceased. The soul will either go to Heaven or Hell. Since it goes on to live forever, while the body will live a couple of decades, the soul is more valuable then the body. Whitman rejects all of that by saying no; the soul is not greater than the body. He continues by saying that God isn’t greater than one’s self. One of the things about God or any other gods is that they are higher than everyone else, that’s why we look to them in times of trouble. For the Greeks, the gods lived on Mount Olympus- a mountain so sacred that no human, in GreekShow MoreRelatedThemes and Values of the Beat Generation as Expressed in Allen Ginsbergs Poetry1400 Words   |  6 PagesGeneration as Expressed in Allen Ginsbergs Poetry Perhaps one of the most well known authors of the Beat Generation is a man we call Allen Ginsberg, who expresses the themes and values in his poetry. He was, in fact, the first Beat Writer to gain popular notice when he delivered a performance of his now famous poem, #61505;Howl#61504;, in October of 1955. The Beat Generation is typically described as a vision, not an idea and being hard to define. It is characterized as #61505;a culturalRead MoreManagement Course: Mba−10 General Management215330 Words   |  862 Pagesperceive in products and services is becoming an enormously powerful influence on the continuing strength of customer spending, especially when times are tight. Study of the current economy indicates that when today’s consumer is completely satisfied with his or her product or service purchase, he or she tells six other potential buyers. In contrast, a dissatisfied consumer informs 25 other potential buyers. That is the leverage of quality in shaping c onsumer sentiment, which is vital in powering the two-thirdsRead MoreDamodaran Book on Investment Valuation, 2nd Edition398423 Words   |  1594 Pagesanalysts change their valuations, they will undoubtedly be asked to justify them. In some cases, the fact that valuations change over time is viewed as a problem. The best response may be the one that Lord Keynes gave when he was criticized for changing his position on a major economic issue: â€Å"When the facts change, I change my mind. And what do you do, sir?† Myth 3.: A good valuation provides a precise estimate of value Even at the end of the most careful and detailed valuation, there will be uncertainty

Wild Honeysuckle free essay sample

the Wild Honeysuckle BY mfw922 Philip Freneau was one of the most well known authors in the history of early American Literature. Freneau focuses on the many social problems that concern him such as the beauty of nature and the uniqueness of it. Philip Freneau utilizes a language full of imagery. The analysis of The Wild Honeysuckle should convey and uncovers the significance of inclusion of nature. In order to comprehend Freneau poem, The Wild Honeysuckle we should look at the defining features of the flower. The species have sweetly scented bell shaped lowers that produce a sugary edible nectar. The fruit on the sweet honeysuckle consists of berries and they can be in various colors such as red, blue or black. The berries comprise of several seeds and the berries can be slightly poisonous or edible. This flower grows wildly in isolated areas of land such as forests, swaps or hills. We will write a custom essay sample on Wild Honeysuckle or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page These key terms: sweet, fragrant, delicate and veiled are the essence of this particular poem. Philip Freneau conveys the character of the honeysuckle. In lines one through four Freneau describes the flower and addresss it. The first stanza is composed in cross hymes. Fair flower, that dost so comely grow, Hid in this silent dull retreat, Untouched thy honeyed blossoms blow, Unseen thy little branches greet: No roving foot shall crush thee here, No busy hand provoke a tear. (Freneau 1-6) He explains that the honeysuckle is beautiful but is veiled to the world. Furthermore, Freneau personifies the flower. He talks to the flower as if it clearly were a person. He expresses that the little branches greet (line 4) and hopes that there will be tear. (line 6) He is expressing that nature is alike with the wilderness and seclusion of the land. It is almost expressing that the flower doesnt exist because of its concealed identity and humans are leaving the flowers hidden and secluded . However, The roving foot and the busy hand (line5) are metaphors of the devastation of nature by mankind. In the second stanza, Freneau tries to convey the beautiful honeysuckle young and sweet while age is setting in quickly. By Natures self in white arrayed, She bade thee shun the vulgar eye, And planted here the guardian shade, And sent soft waters murmuring by; Thus quietly thy summer goes, Thy days declining to repose. (Freneau 7-12) In lines 7-9, it shows that the honeysuckle is protected and secluded but no matter how many actions you take, nature will take its course. Summer is proceeding and unfortunately you can not stop time thus the days are coming ne ar to the end explains Freneau in lines 11-12 of the poem. Smit with those charms, that must decay, I grieve to see your future doom; They died-nor were those flowers more gay, The flowers that did in Eden bloom; Unpitying frosts, and Autumns power Shall leave no vestige of this flower. (Freneau 13-18) Freneau really gets upset in this third stanza because he does not want the oneysuckle to follow the rules of nature. He is disappointed that the flower can not defeat death and will be caught by the frost of the autumn weather. These lines show that the flower is not hidden or alone anymore. Freneau includes foreshadowing of the approaching decay. In lines 19-24, the wild honeysuckle passes on and does not leave a trace as if it never lived. The last two lines show the fate of that flower. From morning suns and evening dews At first thy little being came: If nothing once, you nothing lose, For when you die you are the same; The space between, is but an hour, The frail duration of a flower. (Freneau 19-24) He is conveying that death means nothing indirectly and you can not get in the way of nature decaying. Life is short and it is actually frail Just like the flower. Nature is used as a metaphor for life. In conclusion, Freneau uses nature and its beauty to emphasis his understandings. He tells us that our lives are also frail Just as the wild honeysuckle. Cherish it while it lasts for by the change of each season it may dissipate only to become a desire. Therefore, you need to live every moment to the fulle st without any regrets.

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What to Know About Psychology Internship Essay Samples

What to Know About Psychology Internship Essay SamplesAt the same time, you should remember that while you should be creative in your essay, you should not plagiarize. You must not use another person's work to create your own. After all, if you had put in all of your own hard work and effort into your writing, why would you want to leave out the work of someone else?Thus, when it comes to writing a psychology internship essay, there are several important things to remember, including following some of the tips on these samples. In addition, you should be able to use the samples to make sure that you have your essay sounding as good as possible. Also, if you are looking for ways to write an impressive resume, then these samples can help you find out how to do so.Before you begin, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the essay itself. For instance, you will notice that these samples give information on how to research for your essay. If you would like to make sure that yo u have a better understanding of the topic you are researching, you will want to read this section. Also, remember that if you do not understand something, chances are you will have trouble locating a definition of the term you are looking for.After you have read through the essay itself, you will want to consider the sample's advice on the topic you are researching. After all, this is what will help you to be more knowledgeable in your research and idea. Also, if you will be applying for internship positions at institutions that require sample research papers or projects, you will want to make sure that you are not too long in your research. Remember, these sample essays are not designed to be essays in themselves; they are meant to make it easier for you to get an idea of the topics you should be working on.In addition, you will also want to look at the samples for the part about writing an essay on your topic. This will help you to prepare yourself for what type of essay you shou ld be writing and what format you should be using. Remember, you should always look for ways to improve your research, writing, and essay writing skills.Finally, remember that when it comes to these samples, you will want to make sure that you always keep up with your research skills. This is necessary in order to know that you are always working on the best research you can make and the best essay for the purposes of getting into graduate school. Keep in mind that the best way to learn how to research and write is by reading the samples.Finally, remember that the best part about these essay samples is that they can provide you with ideas to improve your research and essay writing skills. Keep in mind that the writer of the sample is not the only one who should know the rules of grammar and spelling. In fact, you should look for the best ways to learn how to write and research on your topic as well.As you can see, there are several important things to remember about these samples th at you will want to take into consideration before you write your psychology internship. If you are looking for ways to improve your research and essay writing skills, then you will want to look at these samples. You should also keep in mind that there are many different ways to write an essay, but these samples can help you find out which ways are best for you.

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Step up to Writing Essay Samples Tips & Guide

Step up to Writing Essay Samples Tips & Guide Now you have given your opinion, you should back this up. You can also briefly describe your opinion from the topic. A guide is written with the subsequent objectives A guide has to be organized in an appropriate way in order to draw the interest of the readers. It is a piece of writing written for a large audience. What to Expect From Step up to Writing Essay Samples? Writing is not just critical to our students' success while they're in college, but also is vital to postgraduation endeavors. The writing process ought to be close by so students may refer to it. There are various forms of essays you could be requested to write in elementary, middle or higher school. Your finest essays are going to be about the things which light your fire. The second thing you ought to be aware of is that there's no magic formula. Utilize filler words in the event that you can't consider anything, but keep going. If you need assistance utilizing the program, no issue! It won't be any different than every other blood test you've received. When choosing a topic for your essay, you are going to want to make certain your topic supports the form of paper you're predicted to write. Journal articles usually concentrate on research and experiment outcome and discuss latest innovations in science in addition to controversial issues in science. More so, you must be precise when it has to do with identifying the area which you will observe so your essay can be organized. The objective of your essay is defined by the sort of paper you're writing. The Step up to Writing Essay Samples Game Now you are aware of how to compose an SAT essay. Determining the kind of essay is the very first step to writing a targeted essay. For instance, lets assume the aim of your essay is to compose an overview. In all portions of the IELTS exam, you should attempt to demonstrate that you've got a wide understanding of English vocabula ry, make certain you write with correct spelling and steer clear of silly little grammar mistakes. It is crucial to use fundamental language and prevent business jargon to be able to strengthen the delivery. Resist the need to self-edit as you cooperate, and just allow the words come out. Naturally, one particular word on its own doesn't do much, you should search for phrases. Imagine the attribute of writing you'll receive from an affordable essay writing service. Writing is a complicated mix of skills which is best taught by breaking down the practice. Sentences utilizing active voice are simpler to read and understand. Finding out how to compose a blog post that's shining with absolute perfection isn't effortless, but it's possible. The Downside Risk of Step up to Writing Essay Samples Do not fail to note down the source of every quote you will have in your essay whenever you are still exploring the info. If you are in possession of a good idea, you ought to be in a pos ition to look over your post idea and justify its value to your readers before you set a single word on the webpage. The best terms will be centered through your keyword phrase. Your structure might be a step-by-step procedure or a list something which is logical for your topic. Writing a book is among the most difficult and fulfilling things you'll ever do. Before you can begin writing, you want to get an idea to write about. Getting ready will also help you stay away from committing any typical essay mistakes. The very first thing you ought to learn about writing a novel is there are no easy answers. In either instance, you'll want to ensure you get a great idea of how the passage is laid out before you do a thorough pass through it. Not everything must be a full-fledged chapter in the first stages of novel-writing. As you create a taste for writing, you'll soon discover a technique that is right for you. So you'll need to do extensive reading of the sources you encoun ter. It's somewhat daunting to believe that you just have 50 minutes to read a passage, analyze this, then compose an essay. BUN tests should be done a particular way. The One Thing to Do for Step up to Writing Essay Samples The second body paragraph will adhere to precisely the same format as the very first body paragraph. There are a lot of explanations for why sentence structure matters. Your initial perfect post needs to be great. For this reason, you cannot learn a fantastic sentence that it is possible to insert into an essay, as it's very unlikely that you'll be capable of using it in your particular question you have on the day of your test. The last step is publishing. Once you get your headline, the next step has become the most important one of all. It's been invaluable to have someone there taking me through the procedure step-by-step. The very first step in the five-step writing procedure is pre-writing.

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Facts, Fiction and Sample Topics for Ged Essay

Facts, Fiction and Sample Topics for Ged Essay Write legibly in ink so the evaluators will have the ability to read your writing. If you believe that you can't cope with the task you'd better request expert support. As you pay for homework, we provide those options at no cost. Do not seem through the topics before you opt for. If you're enrolled already, just log into the study program online. For organization, a very good resource for you is possibly the five-paragraph essay. Don't forget, in addition, there are discounts available when purchasing all 3 e-books and free shipping when purchasing all three text books. Then take a couple of minutes to brainstorm what you would like to say about that topic. The Nuiances of Sample Topics for Ged Essay When it's really hard to compose an essay in 45 minutes, start with taking more time. Keep in mind the topic needs to be interesting and catching not just for you, but additionally for the instructor. In reality, you can select any topic which you find interesting. To begin with, you must realize that however much unpredictable the topic might be, practice still makes perfect sense. Fortunately, there are means to make this part simple for you. You should have your reasons, and our primary concern is that you find yourself getting a great grade. There isn't a lot of help available for you. Observing this course of action will help save you a great deal of time and is useful in establishing a rational development of thoughts. In this manner, the clients know what to expect from the service and be sure their rights are guarded. In reality, very frequently you can select any topic you want and, as an example, write about your future expectations and career aspirations. Provide reasons and examples to back up your view. Utilize your own personal observations, experience and knowledge to spell out your pick. Sample Topics for Ged Essay Fundamentals Explained You will be asked to read both of these passages and pick the position that you think is better supported. The target isn't simply to receive your GED, yet to move beyond. Below are some practical strategies and techniques which will help you write consistently impressive essays. Unlike the different parts of the exam, gaining scores for writing isn't objective, as the answers aren't concrete. Thus English literature essay gets easy once you use these service providers and you may also attain the greatest scores due to this professional English literature essay. In order to come up with own style you're able to utilize English essay samples that you can discover online. Chemistry is a subject which, basically, supplies you with useful information regarding the different substances or forms of materials which compose the physical world around us and the way in which they behave or react with one another. English essay format is essential, so you need to adhere to a particular structure. Although this section often makes test takers nervous, it is totally feasible to get a strong score even if you're not a strong writer. Write neatly so the test graders can easily read that which you have written. If at all possible, your test prep should comprise essays scored by means of an instructor. Before you commence studying, figure out which test is supplied in your state.

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How to Get Sample Essay Papers to Help You Effectively Make Your Resume More Competitive

How to Get Sample Essay Papers to Help You Effectively Make Your Resume More CompetitiveWhen it comes to making your resume more competitive, there are so many great ideas on how to get samples of essay papers. You will definitely be getting a lot of benefits by simply taking a few minutes to review a few samples of those essays you will be using for your own resume.First of all, you will find that these samples of essay papers have been put together in such a way that they are written in such a way that they will make it easier for your resume to be compared with other examples. The best part about these samples is that most of them are very concise. The idea is to make it easier for you to choose which samples of essays to go with. This will save you time and allow you to get the one that is the most appropriate for your needs.Another thing you will find when you look at the samples of essay papers is that the samples are well written. Most of them do not read like they are just tr ying to get something done. They are very well thought out, and you can easily tell that the writer has done their research to come up with some pretty good results.When you use the samples of essay papers, you will find that you will be able to see some real differences in the results. There are some samples that you will find will give you some really good results, while others will be there that you will feel that the person who wrote them just did not have much of a plan when it came to actually crafting those samples.With all of this in mind, you will be able to see why you should always keep the samples of essay papers that you are going to be using. They can be really helpful to you when it comes to helping you out with your resume, especially when it comes to the first parts of your resume.Most of the samples of essay papers that youwill find are very helpful when it comes to making your resume a lot more attractive. When you have the help of these samples, it will make it e asier for you to write a better resume. They will help you formulate your resume a lot easier, and it will be much easier for you to make the connections between your academic record and your skill set.You will be able to get some quality results when you use the samples. This will help you not only get a better resume, but it will also help you get a better job.

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Whatever They Told You About Samples of Classification Division Essay Is Dead Wrong...And Heres Why

Whatever They Told You About Samples of Classification Division Essay Is Dead Wrong...And Here's Why You are able to observe it to have the ability to compose informative classification essays, you have to know the greatest and the worst in addition to the unknown but important representatives of your root idea. As soon as you have divided your subject, you must choose a principle of classification. A classification can have two or more classes. Now it's time to compose the division and classification essay. Now about division it's utilised to delineate the key elements of a single entity. The personal statement is a significant portion of your application package. In a related fashion, division is separating an entire group into separate pieces. You may decide on any sample you like to view how a well-structured paper ought to be written. Secondary sources might also be required. On-line document You might be able to link as much as an on-line document that could be applied as an example too. Too much data in your introduction may lead to multiple difficulties. Locate a classification you care about, something which will not just reveal the facts but also give you the capacity to demonstrate your own attitude. The unifying essay topic might be an activity, a sort of person, place or thing. Just about everything can be split into categories, but not everything can offer the material for an intriguing essay. It's important to not forget that the transitions from 1 category to a nother one needs to be smooth, clear for the reader and might too reveal your individual sympathies as a writer. There are obvious differences in the varieties of vacation destinations people chooseand in how folks view vacation generally. These days, the area of wisdom and education is now interesting and yet demanding. In the end, include the thesis statement where the key types or approaches that you're likely to study are indicated in. What if the classes aren't balanced. Especially, the job of a biomedical equipment technician is surely significant since they help to keep the health equipment functional at all times. A food engineer should have adequate understanding of microbiology, chemistry of food and other associated fields so as to explore and find the most effective ways to preserve the processed food for a longer duration of time without being dangerous to the well-being of the people. Our crew of experienced professionals will give you individual attention and exceptional guidance throughout your procedure for application. Our classification essay topics should allow you to produce your own idea of what things to write in your essay. Starting with a fundamental thesis at the start of your work, don't hesitate to polish it later on, as soon as your essay starts to take some shape. Make sure you understand how to compose a classification essay. A classification essay may be good source of self-reflection. The thesis should be reworked and the conclusion. Utilizing an example essay is just one of the utmost effective methods of making sure which you are doing it correctly. Students may spend an excessive amount of time on writing the introduction only because they haven't warmed up yet, or they wish to allow it to be perfect, or they get too excited about this issue and they wish to share each of their thoughts at the same time. It's also vital that you are in possession of a well-developed thesis and utilize it to structure your paper in a more effective way. In your introduction, you could also need to deliver some particular descriptive or informative details to entice the interest of your readers and suggest the goal of the essay. When you choose a topic, remember about the duration of your paper. Make sure you understand how to reveal the gist of your topic and write a strong paper. Where to Find Samples of Classification Division Essay The very first step in writing a classification essay is to make a list of categories. There are lots of disciplines that you want to write classification essays for. As soon as you think of a list of subjects you enjoy, think of the way you can approach it from an intriguing angle. The next step is to divide this issue into three distinct items within the wide category that you've already chosen in step one. Now think about the attributes or criteria you will have to use, as you're dividing your topics or items into categories. Moreover, after you choose your subject, take some time to be sure you've thought of every possible category. The range of paragraphs depend on the number of categories you've got on your outline. There are a lot of classification models.